About Us

Welcome to my one woman small business, my name is Katlyn. Animals are my passion along with art and designs. My main job is working on horse farms taking care of retired show horses and thoroughbreds being raised for racing. In my spare time I like to paint and take photos of nature along with the animals that reside there. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology, so my passion for all animals shows in my designs.
Animalistic Visions is a shop of home goods, and gifts that all items have an animal theme to them. I use a combo of AI art and graphic designs for my items. I hope to make designs for all different animal enthusiasts from pet owners, farmers, to anyone who enjoys nature. For our pet products they will have holiday or fun designs to help your furry friends look their best.
I decided to open this shop and offer designs for all my animal lovers. If there is any design or animal you would like to see on any item, I am more than willing to accommodate requests as long as an item is available.